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Are You Risking Your Health & Live Daily With These


Do you know that the air you breathe in your home or office may be hazardous to your health?

Indoor airborne contaminants has been linked to a wide variety of adverse health effects, including headaches, respiratory problems, chronic cough, frequent sore throats and colds, skin rashes, eye irritation, dizziness lethargy, and memory lapses.


Size: 0.003 – 0.05 μm


Size: 0.3 – 30 μm


Size: 1 – 100 μm

Dust Mites

Size: 100 – 300 μm

Haze Particulates

Size: ≤ 2.5 µm

Tobacco Smoke

Size: 0.01 to 1 μm


Size: 1 – 100 μm

Animal Dander

Size: Approx. 2.5 μm

Mold Spores

Size: 10 – 30 μm

Plant Spores

Size: 10 – 30 μm

Skin Flakes

Size: 5-10 microns

Textile Fibres

Size: 10 – 1000 μm

Purify Your Home & Office With EcoClean Air240

5 Stages Filtering Systems

Dust and Pre-filter | True HEPA Filter H13 | Activated Carbon | Anion

Breathe, Sleep and Be Healthier with Negative Ions

Purify The Air | Promote Body Synthesis & Storage of Vitamin | Activate Body’s Physiological Activities

EcoClean Air240 Features


Small Size and Efficiency

Active Capture, Rapid Purification.
Particulates CADR 200m³/h.
Application area 8-25㎡.
Size 325*172*542mm.
Auto Adjusting Rates of Cleaning


Multi-Stage Purification

The primary filter can be washed repeatedly. High Efficiently Activated Carbon adsorption.High Resistance & High-Efficiency HEPA Filtration.
Release Negative Ions / Anion.

Low Noise

Sleep Mode & Silents Operation
Front Three-Dimensional Air Intake Design.AC Plastic Seal Motor.
New Air Outlet Tech Reduces Windage.
Optimize the Air Duct Design.


Intelligent Monitoring

Air Quality Color Display.
PM2.5 Infrared Sensor & Display.
Touch Button.
Filter Life Monitoring Reminder.


Timer Control.
Remote Control.
Touch Control on Machine.
SmartHome App Control (WiFi).

Safe and Secure

Child Lock, Prevent Accidental Touch.
ABS Body Material.
Non-Toxic and Harmless.
Power Off Once Or Open.

Grab Your FREE Air Purifier Now!

FREE EcoClean Air240 (Worth $699). Just Pay Filters (Only $160)!

Air Quality Indicator

PM2.5 (1-100) Green | PM2.5 (101- 200) Orange | PM2.5 (>201) Red

Intelligent App | Air Quality PM2.5 Real time Display

Reserved function APP intelligent air management (customized), air quality PM2.5 real-time display, negative ion, wind speed controlled.

Multi-Function Touch Panel | Remote Control

Enjoy cleanliness between your fingers.

4 Purification Timer | 4 Levels Wind Speed

Healthy Air Any Time. 1/2/4/8 Hours Timer. High, Middle, Low & Auto Speed.

Filter Replacement Remind​er

HEPA and Carbon Filters Replacement Annnually

Child Lock Design

Prevent Children From Mistaken Touch

Enjoy Quite Sleep Without Noise

Sleep Mode automatically lower fan speed, and reduce noise level, as low as 15 dB.

Item Specifications
EcoClean Air240
True HEPA H13
Activated Carbon
Pre-filter and Dust Filter
Display and Control
PM2.5 sensor and Display WiFiMobile App
200 m3/hr/ 200 cubic ft/min
15 dB to Max 57 dB
10sqft to 250sqft ( 5-24 sqm)
220 volt, 60W
Size (cm)
32 x 17 x 54 cm
2 kg
Homes, Offices, Apartments, Hotel, Medical/Dental Offices, Small Shops, Office Cubicle, Corridor

Grab Your FREE Air Purifier Now!

FREE EcoClean Air240 (Worth $699). Just Pay Filters (Only $160)!

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